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It’s been awhile since I have posted anything so I will give everyone some updates.

First, I am not re-enlisting. I am leaving a military that cares nothing for family, rights, or our dreams. Surprisingly this makes me happier than I have been in for years now. I feel like I sprouted wings and am able to obtain anything. For you to understand my feeling just imagine laying in a bed, restrained by something, and you lay there struggling to move, but not gaining an inch. Then one day someone has come along and cut those bindings, or has healed you; your suddenly able to leave your bed. It’s almost frightening, but only because of all of your possibilities and the freedom to experience an amazing adventure. Release date March 22, 2010. No more deployments, no more having a stranger act like he is my fuckin daddy. WOOP WOOP!!!!!

My Halloween rocked! I need to post my pics up from us going out to Maynards. We went with some friends of ours to enjoy a rowdy night since we got an overnight babysitter. Live music, drinks pouring, and best of all redneck drunks dressed up for Halloween making for an extremely eventful night!

They played Chicken Fried at Maynards, as it’s a country bar, and no matter how happy I am that I am not re-enlisting, that song brings me to tears because I think of all that we as service members sacrifice just like my father did and his father.

So for Christmas I am going to get one of two cameras, but I think I am going to go with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens. Oh yes, I do believe this camera will do just fine for what I have planned for at the end of March next year!

Which leads me to my next big news! I’m going to the Philippines a week after I separate in March. I am going down there with a buddy of mine that I work with for three weeks. He has some good friends there that will take care of us, show us some bad ass resorts for extremely cheap, and get some amazing seafood since one of the places we are going to is a sea port. I would like to get some amazing shots and put a portfolio together from the trip. I am so stoked that I finally get to go do some traveling, and see the world without a helmet and a gun.

That’s all the big stuff for now, I’ll try to keep doing steady posts.

Hope all down range is still safe, enjoy freezing your ass off!


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If its too good to be true it usually it…. I caught the scammer in his scam before I was out 10g’s. That’s the good news, the bad is I didn’t get my dream car. One day, maybe one day…

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My Oh My!

So just goofin off I was looking at my dream car, 69′ Camaro SS, on Auto Trader, and low and behold I find one i like….for 10 grand. In my curiosity I email the gentleman about his lovely Camaro and he is a solder in Iraq, and needs to get rid of it. I am awaiting verification, but he says the price includes shipping it to my address, now if this is the case I am rushing to a loan office quickly this week. The car is absolutely beautiful, here is a link, , and a sample picture but more at the link.

Im in love.

Im in love.

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Quote For The Weekend

“Don’t cook bacon while naked, stay safe.”-TSgt of USAF. This is an USAF safety briefing for our three day weekend, enjoy!

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I hope they serve beer in hell: Missed

So the movie I longed to see only ran in our movie theaters for less than a week, so when I made the plan to see it this weekend I was disappointed since it was not showing. Maybe its the movies, or just the podonk ass town that wont show anything that might afflict the bubbled children of Goldsboro. Disappointed, yes I am, but I am going to try and find somewhere online to watch it. Anyone who can find it to watch online let me know please, the search begins.

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New ink is complete: Pain subsides

Two long days of getting my tattoos and it is finally over! Though quite painful they look great and I give many praises to Nemo the tattoo artist that came down from York, PA to do my tats!

Left Arm, Two Pinups

Left Arm, Two Pinups

Left Arm Two Pinups

Left Arm Two Pinups

Ribs/Waist Climbing Tiger

Ribs/Waist Climbing Tiger

Right Arm Nonna Italian Flag

Right Arm Nonna Italian Flag

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Another Sad Day

Today was another rough day in my life. Once again I have a friend that the military takes away from me. My friend Colie leaves us for Minot soon, I have known Colie for a very long time now. So basically I am down to one other person at this base that I call a friend from the old times. Everyone now is an acquaintance, so new they don’t know what the old times were like. What a bummer, I am tired, weary, and sick of the constant crossing of souls.

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Operation Palm Tree

For two years now our eccentric cat neighbors, the ones who we caught vacuuming their yard with a Dyson, has had a palm tree that lights up in their front yard. This festive, glowing palm tree is up year round all 365 days. Its utterly annoying, white trash like with the way they put this tree on display through Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Every party I have at my house we have talks of getting rid of this thing for them, finallyColies going away party we put a plan into action.

Colie, Josh, and Joe slowly creep in the darkness to the neighbors side yard, into the driveway directly next to the target. Colie and Joe are pressed against the side of the house while Josh starts unplugging and pulling the tree up. FLASH, they jump when a bright light covers them only then realizing some drunk chick followed them and is taking pictures. With some effort the palm tree is removed and the three make there way into safer territory.

A raft blown up and prepositioned is awaiting their arrival in the safe zone to take the palm tree to an extraction point. The three plus the random picture taker take Victors truck down the road to the new location of the palm trees home. Once there the truck is unloaded and they creep past whats unknown lurking in the shadows down to the lake. Raft in the water, palm tree loaded, and its see ya later stupid glowing palm tree! Mission Accomplished!

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O.K. Seriously Fustrating

I have been cleaning my house all week with the help of a buddy of mine, the weather has been beautiful, but yesterday I felt like crap and decided to take the day off. I wake up today knowing I only have maybe 3 rooms left and can get them done, and then tomorrow I can take care of the yard work. Nope, I get up this morning to a horrible down pour, so there goes getting any yard work done, and this means I completely wasted my time yesterday not getting anything done when I could have been lazy on a raining day.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day!!!!!!!!!

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Life:Another Day Down, X Amount To Go

To feel disconnected, lost, misplaced, without a purpose, anxious, disappointed, and unfocused all at the same time
is something that I would never wish on anyone. Today some problems came about and I handled them the way I needed to,
a part of me wishes I had followed my heart, but I am weak. Another stepping stone in my life buried into the sands of time
forever showing the path I took, another stone the color of black showing that I didnt do it my way. Seems to me the
older I get the more black stones I make. I thought when you became an adult you had choices, liars, all of you. Thankfully
I learned at a very young age that life is an adventure, paths that are rocky or paved, weather nasty or sun shining.
Life was not meant to be easy, thats why it’s called natural selection, but why is God so trusting. I can’t wrap my fingers
around it but I am close to knowing what it means to have a total meltdown, to just implode. Nothing sucks more than
having something right in front of you that you dont understand, a puzzle almost completed just to find out three pieces
are hidden somewhere. Life is a tease, a buddy last night said life was a drinking game, sorry it wont ever come to that. I
just want some clarity, a bit of luck, and a good fucking cry. I am amazed at all veterans and their strength because I
honestly feel insignificant in comparison. I think everything will be alright, the old me is coming back and the old me
never let me get down for long. I’ve always been a fighter, tried damned hard as I could to be a winner, and often got
kicked down when I got up but bet your ass I would always get back up. Im going to go wallow in misery for a bit, then
smile and move on.

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